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They celebrated their union with a 1.5m 12day cruise on board Aristotle Onassis's yacht Christina O, about which Gayle allegedly commented, "if it was great sufficient for Jackie O, it's good sufficient for me", and has determined that such noticeable excesses are, in hindsight, a little bit gauche. How she earned the cash in the first place, and how she's managed to be so prudent in saving it, may nicely be none of our business. But make sure you, Gayle, inform us in any case. Depart our addresses alone, please Eight years ago, Dublin City Council produced an arse of itself when it unveiled its billiga polo ralph lauren new visitors indicators for the money, a baffling mixture of letters and colours, with all region names removed, which no 1 could make head nor tail of. This week, Communications Minister Eamon Ryan has gone back again to what he does very best finding options for nonexistent issues. Hot on the heels of his party's reduction in pace limits and introduction of electric vehicle topup factors, Ryan's newest wheeze is new postal codes for every address in Ireland. So instead of a city area, title and nation, we will get a code made up of letters and figures much like the old proposed Dublin street signs. And in situation you believed that billiga louis vuitton väskor wasn't impenetrable sufficient, Ryan favours them being in the Irish language, so Dublin will be represented by the letters 'BAC'. Critically, will someone please billiga nike air force 1 skor discover some thing useful for the Greens to do prior to they lastly get booted out of authorities? Apprentice Michelle exhibits she's manager Maybe the most poignant picture of the week was that of the new Apprentice winner, Michelle Massey, turning up for her initial day at work in Bill Cullen's garage in Swords. Waiting around to greet her was final year's winner, Steve Raynor, whose yearlong agreement as revenue manager had arrive to an end. And how had been we certain that Steve's 100kayear offer with Invoice was up? Well, he was pictured standing behind Michelle, with a bottle of spray cleaner and fabric in hand, shining a car's bonnet. "Steve who?", as Bill might have said. Clueless Kenny has a shortage of ideas After a long time of telling us politicians had been there to serve the people, Enda Kenny has admitted he has no concept what the people want. Why else would Fine Gael change their web site to a discussion board for individuals to give their personal suggestions on how to repair Eire issues? The predictably witless comments show how ludicrous this stunt is. 1 contributor says Ireland's greatest problem is "not having Enda Kenny in office" Another thinks Good Gael must "arrive to the state's rescue". Only 1 dared to go off message. "You are the politician. You inform US what has ralph lauren billigt gone wrong and how you intend to fix it," louis vuitton vaska billigt rages another. How lengthy prior to it

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